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Why I'm Voting for Jill Stein

Dear Friends,

I want to tell you why I'm voting for Jill Stein for Governor of Massachusetts in the hope that you will do the same, or at least fully understand my position and what is at stake.  I also want to address head-on the concern held by many of you, who might otherwise vote for Jill, that doing so is a waste, or bad political calculous.  In fact, the opposite is true.  It is imperative that you vote with your heart, and understand that the only political calculous that adds up to a just society is the one in which voters like you help the voices of reason gain traction.

First, the three reasons I support Jill Stein, Green-Rainbow Party candidate for Governor of Massachusetts:

1. I agree with her positions and those of the Green Rainbow Party.  She is qualified, articulate, and represents a vision for the future of a just society that is inclusive, equitable, and sustainable.  These are my values.  What are yours?

2. Jill Stein has a chance to gain over 3% of the vote statewide, which helps to to maintain major party status for the Green-Rainbow Party in Massachusetts and allows the party to continue to have ballot access for it's candidates.  As many of you are fully aware, we have no future in a world where corporations continue to control access to information and government.  This is getting worse, not better.  The Green Party, though small, exerts a balancing force.

3. I know her as a colleague and friend, and my heart says to.  I would be going against my intuition and sense of wellbeing to do otherwise.

Addressing the "Spoiler" Issue:

The assumption among some Green-leaning Democrats (probably like you) that voting for Jill isn't wise because it hurts Patrick is a misplaced.  A strong green base actually helps the Democrats stay on point and not continue their spineless cowering in the face of the Right.  Secondly, there is a  "safety net" in Massachusetts that would keep Baker in check should he win. If there was ever a time and place to do this experiment and actually vote what you believe - regardless of the "political calculous" - its now in Massachusetts. If all of you out there who know you are Green-leaning and sick with big ticket ticket politics, actually voted your heart, and Jill got, say, 20% of the vote and Patrick lost as a result, the fact is that just about every single other position in the state is controlled by the Democrats and there is no way that Baker could run amuck.  In the mean time, we would have won by actually voting what we believe and given Jill and the Greens solid endorsements.  This is a longterm commitment.  Getting Green traction in Massachusetts in a noble cause that in the end helps the state and the country.  It needs to happen.

Please join me and vote with your heart and your hope, and not with your fear.

Much love,

- Seth

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