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Allan Savory

Climate activist Seth Itzkan on land in Zimbabwe

A message from Zimbabwe: regarding McPherson, Savory, Grasslands, Climate, Hope

Seth Itzkan discusses grasslands restoration in Zimbabwe and it's potential to mitigate global warming through carbon capture in newly formed soil. Refutes statements made by Guy McPherson to the list.

John Todd at Buckminster Fuller Challenge Award ceremony, speaking about Allan Savory

John Todd on Allan Savory

"He (Allan Savory) is one of the great geniuses at understanding nature's operating instructions and employing them to heal the environment, the Earth."

Regarding Holechek and Briske, and Rebuttals by Teague, Gill & Savory

This paper investigates the grazing management assessment reports authored by Briske (2008), and Holechek (2000) in light of their claims regarding methodologies for grassland restoration advocated by Allan Savory. Rebuttals to the Briske and Holechek conclusions are provided by Teague et al. (2008), Gill (2008, 2009a, 2009b, 2009c), and Savory (2000).

Talking Points Regarding Savory

The evidence in support of Holistic Management, both scientific and empirical, combined with the heightened emergency of global warming, makes inquiry into this methodology essential. To ignore the merit and potential of this innovation now, or to succumb to vitriol, would be a dereliction of our duty as stewards of this planet.

Holistic Management Reading & Video Resources

A list of articles and videos that discuss Holistic Management and / or Allan Savory.

Prince Charles Endorses Allan Savory

Prince Charles comments on Allan Savory and his integrated approach to ranching and farming, and the role ruminants for the health of grasslands. Segment from speech given by the Prince to the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Full video clip is here,

A Global Strategy for Addressing Global Climate Change

Excerpts from: A Global Strategy for Addressing Global Climate Change, by Allan Savory