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Worldwatch Nourishing Planet Interview with Seth Itzkan - Published

Here's the published version of the Worldwatch Nourishing The Planet interview with Seth Itzkan. Please see the Worldwatch site to comment.

Worldwatch Nourishing Planet Interview - Extended

Here's the full written response by Seth Itzkan to the Worldwatch Nourishing The Planet Interview questions. An edited version appeared on the Worldwatch blog.

Seth at TEDx

TEDx Somerville: Reversing Global Warming with Livestock?

Seth Itzkan gives a talk on Holistic Management at TEDx Somerville, March 2012. Title of the talk is Reversing Global Warming With Livestock?

350 Event photo with Dojiwe the elephant Event in Zimbabwe - Africa Center for Holistic Management

Seth Itzkan presents discussion on climate change at the Africa Center for Holistic Management in Zimbabwe.

Village Singing Zimbabwe

Tags: ACHM

The villagers in Zimbabwe often treated to us to wonderful singing.



ACHM Activity Sites in Southern Africa

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Google map of ACHM activity sites in southern Africa