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Jim Laurie

How Restoring Soils Can Reverse Global Warming

Jim Laurie appears with Tim Weiskel on the Cambridge Community Television program, BeLive!  Jim discusses the role of soil restoration in reverse global warming.  The host, Tim Weiskel is director of Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA).  The show was recorded Sunday, November 1, 2009.

Living Machines for Wastewater Treatment

These are photos, illustrations, and data from my work with Living Machines for wastewater purification. The projects include the South Burlington Vermont Living Machine, The Chinquapin School living machine / outdoor classroom in Highlands Texas, and Bayer Chemical Plant living machine in Baytown Texas.

Shiitake Bloom - September 2006

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After a dry summer in Maryland, we woke up one day with a major shiitake bloom. These mushrooms are very good to eat and were as much as 9 inches in diameter. These logs were inoculated two years before and had bloomed once before, about a year earlier. See also the bright red and yellow reshi mushrooms which were grown on a sawdust mixture. Reshi is an excellent immune system enhancer noted for helping AIDS victims.

MCAN Event - Jim Laurie Presentation

Jim Laurie and Seth Itzkan present at the Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN) monthly meeting.

Graphic: Make Soil - End Global Warming

Soil Presentation at Stockholm Environment Institute, 2009

The presentation explores the role of grasslands restoration as a key component for climate change mitigation.