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Who we are

Planet-TECH Associates is a visionary-thinking incubator dedicated to a regenerative future. We investigate trends and innovations to determine compelling opportunities for municipalities, community foundations, government analysts and other stakeholders. Our staff and interns are advocates of change, committed to guiding clients in the use of smart technologies, restorative land practices, and collaborative social and economic frameworks.

Seth Itzkan

Futurist, CEO & Founder of Planet-TECH Associates

Twenty five years experience consulting for municipal, state, and government agencies. Primary areas of focus include climate change mitigation, technology capacity building, and municipal innovation.

Karl Thidemann

Strategic Planner

Climate Communications, Electric Vehicles, Organic Farming, Community Engagement

Jim Laurie

Futurist, Systems Biologist, Restoration Ecologist

Jim Laurie is a biologist focused on biodiversity and ecosystem restoration as the key to creating a better future.  Recently, he has been researching grassland restoration and its importance as the essential process to reverse global warming.

Lauren Ferrucci


Tufts University junior majoring in Environmental Studies and Anthropology.