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The 100k House - Proving Homes Can Be Built Energy Efficient and Affordable

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Proving attractive homes can be both energy efficient and affordable.

Planned and built by a group called Postgreen, the 100k House project started as a mission to prove that a LEED Platinum house could be built for under $100,000 in hard construction costs. Rather than focusing on unnecessary luxuries, the 100k House has sustained a high level of quality, design, energy efficiency, health and sustainability throughout the entire project.

The innovation not only lies within the 100k House structure itself, but also in the philosophy with which it was built. Much more can be done with far less, bringing the costs down and making clean, healthy and wholesome home ownership possible for more people.

* At 1,150 square feet, the 100k House is less than 100 dollars a square foot, completely unheard of in the realm of LEED Platinum building

* Projected sales prices of the 100k House will be about $200,000. Compared to other homes in the neighborhood, this is still relatively inexpensive with a good margin for profit

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Underlying Concept of the 100K House

The basic concept of the 100K House is to offer an affordable home that places a high priority on quality, design, energy efficiency, health and sustainability rather than “bells & whistles” that can drive the price of new construction out of reach from the majority of home buyers.

The majority of consumers today flipping through the pages of Dwell magazine and similar publications are dreaming of a modern and green home that is out of reach for them on their average income. Most are earning above the median income but well below six figures. They can not qualify for subsidized housing nor can they afford the green and modern homes that are being sold for half a million dollars and up. The only options are to purchase a new construction home of poor quality and design or to purchase an old home and go about the arduous and expensive task of rehabing it themselves to fit their tastes.

The 100K House is an attempt to offer a product to this demographic that is not being currently served. The home is greatly simplified by reducing the footprint, stripping down the finishes to a very basic level and arranging the layout in a very efficient manner. A high priority is placed on the modern architectural design as well as the most cost effective green building materials and methods in order to provide the greatest value at the lowest price to a discerning client. The majority of the construction budget if focused on providing the best envelope and mechanical design as these are not features that can be easily upgraded by the homeowner in the future. Meanwhile, exposed concrete and plywood flooring are used in order to keep the price of aspects of the home down that can be easily upgraded by the homeowner to suit their own tastes in the future if they so desire. Adding bamboo flooring, new tile, higher-end appliances and cabinets are all things that can easily be done by a homeowner in the future while increasing the insulation levels and increasing the efficiency of the HVAC system are not easily accomplished by the DIY’er.

Extensive work has gone into the upfront design of the home, including advanced energy modeling, to ensure that the final homeowner is getting the most bang for their buck in all of the key values of the home – design, quality, energy efficiency, health and sustainability.

sales inquiries and future plans

Both homes in this project are sold, but don’t worry. More are on their way.



Nic Darling Postgreen 215.739.1578

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