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Full Access to your Genetic Information

23 and Me, a new company founded in 2006, allows members to order a DNA testing kit online, and after spitting into a tube, send their sample to a lab that will give private feedback on genetic traits, health, and ancestry.  The web-based tools through the company's website then provide forums for members to develop communities and discuss results, as well as participate in advancing genetic research through online surveys.

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The process by which 23andMe's contracted laboratory genotypes your DNA uses the latest in DNA technology.

Once the lab receives your sample, DNA is extracted from cheek cells in your saliva. Your DNA is then copied many times so that there is enough DNA to use for the genotyping step. Next, the DNA is cut into smaller, more manageable pieces. These DNA pieces are then applied to a DNA "chip." The DNA chip is a small glass slide with millions of microscopic beads on its surface. Attached to each bead are "probes"—bits of DNA complementary to sites in your genome where SNPs are located. There is a pair of probes for each SNP, corresponding to the two versions of each SNP. Because two complementary pieces of DNA stick together, your DNA sticks to whichever probes match your versions of a SNP.


Rachel G. Cohen
Manager, Communications
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