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BokLok - Mass-produced, eco-friendly modular apartments

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A unique collaboration expands the market for affordable and energy efficient modular apartments

A unique collaborarion between two world-leading companies has established a new paradigm for affordable and energy efficient prefabricated housing.  It started as a dialogue between furniture retail giant IKEA and international home construction firm Skanska, both of Sweden, and lead to the two companies making a move on a virtually empty market for green modular apartments.  Mass-produced and internationally shipped, BokLok modular apartments have given Europeans a retail-styled home shopping experience - providing energy efficient homes, fully furnished with Ikea wares, and priced specifically to be affordable for  first time buyers.  The concept is lowering the threshold of home ownership and reducing the energy and costs associated with construction and maintenance.

* The prefab units are assembled on site.  A two-story unit can be setup in a day.

* BokLok appartments are sold in over 5 European countries, at 100 locations, with over 4,000 modular apartments have been sold.

*  The Swedish translation of Bo Klok is “live smart.”


Their Description:

Pushing the limits, establishing new markets for prefab housing...

A unique collaboration between world leading home / furniture retail and construction company has pushed / allowed / established new a paradigm of / for prefabricated housing, that is affordable and energy efficient...., attractive to fist time buyers...

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Jointly owned by Ikea, with is highly successful furniture manufacturing and retail model, and Skansa one of the world's leading construction groups, Boklok has built on the strengths of its founders. BoKlok homes are cleverly designed around factory processes that enable them to be far more efficiently constructed in quality-controlled conditions than would be possible through traditional construction methods and fabrication is primarily of wood which is the only real renewable building material. The houses meet and exceed all current UK building regulations, designed to be energy efficient and are furnished with Ikea furniture. The franchise operates in the Nordic and British markets, the houses aimed at households earning between £15,000 and £35,00, are a boon for first time buyers.

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