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Cedar Creek Corrections

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Enabling criminal justice reform and lowering costs through greener living

The most successful model for "green" enforced institutional settings within a correctional facility, Cedar Creek is promoting "pro social" behavior through environmentally conscious programs and practices. By implementing sustainable processes throughout the prison such as composting and gardening, the prison has both reduced its food waste management costs by 50% as well as providing high nutrient fertilizer for gardens which produce.  Green programs include beekeeping, organic gardening (to the tune of 8000 pounds of vegatables per year), composting, and even recycling shoe scraps into playground turf.  Most of the institutions 400 inmates are in one of the green programs, and Cedar Creek is serving as a model for reform through green jobs training.

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Promoting "prosocial" behavior through environmentally protective programs giving the inmates responsibility of maintaining certain "green" initiatives innacted throughout the prison.


Cedar Creek Corrections Center
12200 Bordeaux Rd
Post Office Box 37
Littlerock, WA 98556-0037
(360) 359-4100

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Beekeeping is a new green service provided at Cedar Creek Corrections Center
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