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CIMIT: Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology

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Collaboration to Improve Patient Care

A non-profit consortium of Boston teaching hospitals and engineering schools, CIMIT fosters interdisciplinary collaboration among world-class experts in medicine, science and engineering, in concert with industry and government, to rapidly improve patient care.  CIMIT seeks solutions to unsolved clinical problems by integrating the solution-rich environment of engineering and science centers and the problem-rich environment of clinical stakeholders. Each year, CIMIT hosts a multi-day "Innovation Congress", grants awards to promising medical professionals, provides funding for research, and utilizes a team of "facilitators" to get novel medical ideas from paper to reality.

Their Description: 

CIMIT is a proven and successful model for initiating and accelerating translational medical research in the domain of devices, procedures, and clinical systems engineering. Our approach is based upon four assumptions:

  • With active effort, sophisticated technology from other industries can be applied in healthcare to improve the quality and safety of patient care.
  • Early-stage, high-risk, high-reward ideas have little access to funding.
  • The solution to many of the current problems in healthcare today is best achieved through active collaboration between the clinical and engineering research communities.
  • Facilitation and coaching at every stage of the innovation cycle adds value, produces better outcomes and yields better researchers.

CIMIT is a vibrant community of highly motivated collaborators who learn from each other and identify gaps in healthcare where known and emerging technologies can solve clinical problems.

This community includes scientists, engineers, and clinicians from the CIMIT consortium (non-profit institutions from Boston teaching hospitals and engineering schools), and companies, foundations, and individuals interested in accelerating the impact of technology on patient care.


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