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City Sprouts

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Schoolyard Gardening in Public Schools

Citysprouts creates learning gardens in schoolyards, and supports teachers' use of the gardens as a direct extension of their classroom teaching. Moreover, Citysprouts is developing a truly comprehensive model for integrating nutrition awareness in public schools through a wide variety of partnerships—classroom teachers, the science department, the physical education department, aws well as the school food service.  The non-profit organization currently works with ten Campridge Public Schools in order to support core curriculum with focus on nutrition and health; to support a summer internship program for fifty teens; and to support after-school programming as well.

*The CitySprouts program serves over 2,500 students enrolled in the Cambridge K-8 public schools, and hundreds of children and adults through after-school and summer youth internship programs. Staff garden coordinators work 12 hours weekly in each school, April through November.

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Citysprouts helps a school community create a learning garden in the schoolyard, and supports teachers' use of the gardens as a direct extension of their classroom teaching. 

Supporting core curriculum
Summer internship program
Afterschool and beyond the curriculum


Jane Hirschi, Director, CitySprouts
25 River Street, Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: 617.876.2436

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Yes, you certainly have our permission to use the CitySprouts logo on TBF Hub of Innovations website. Thanks for asking.

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