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Greensburg, Kansas - Making A Case For Eco-Smart Disaster Recovery

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Ravaged by a tornado, Greensburg is reborn as a laboratory for green living

Rather than re-building as fast as possible after a massive two-mile-wide tornado destroyed everything in the area, the town of Greensburg, Kansas is re-building with a completely sustainable recovery plan. To go along with the town's new slogan of "Better, Stronger, Greener!" all new structures are to be built by LEED Platinum standards, streets and walkways are to be planned better for pedestrians with over 300 low-energy street-lamps and to turn around the wind that wrecked the town, wind turbines will be placed throughout.

With such a comprehensive plan for bringing a natural-disaster-ravaged town back to life in a sustainable manner, it is hoped that Federal government programs like FEMA will take a page of of Greensburg's notebook in their disaster recovery strategies for the future.

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