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Providing more than venture capital for new pioneering companies

Idealab is introducing a new level of engagement for the creation of pioneering companies.  In addition to providing capital for the most progressive technological ideas (such as in search engines and robotics), it also creates an incubator for the startups and infuses them with a full range of support services, from office space to competitive research.  IdeaLab believes its approach at fostering startups must be as cutting edge as the companies they spawn.  Companies in their portfolio include:

* CitySearch, now a part of InterActive Corp., established the category of local online community directories.

* eToys demonstrated the tremendous potential for online consumer retail and became one of the most recognized brands during the early days of e-commerce.

* Overture Services, which began life as, was the first company to introduce the concept of paid search.

Their Description: 

In addition to capital, Idealab provides a full range of resources to infuse start-ups with the support they need to rapidly introduce innovative products and services. Resources include office space and the accompanying office services, development and technology, product and graphic design, marketing, financial advice, human resources, competitive research, legal, accounting and business development support and services. In addition, Idealab provides advice on strategy, branding and corporate structure.


<p>Idealab<br />
130 W. Union Street<br />
Pasadena, CA 91103<br />
tel 626-585-6900<br />
fax 626-535-2701</p>

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