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Coworking Builds Community Among Workers

In Seattle, Washington, Office Nomads provides a location and community for independent workers to use communal office space instead of being restricted to home offices and transitory cafes.  The coworking trend, as it is called, builds innovatively on the changing US economy.  With a simple pricing structure for both occasional and full-time use, Office Nomads provides desk space and water coolers for professionals and artists alike.

*As coworking spots form across the country, the internet is also providing connections between them in the form of a Wiki page that hosts pages for dozens of other cities with co-working initiatives in progress.

* and the Silicon Valley-based Insitute for the Future have labeled coworking as a key trend to watch in small business over the next decade.

Their Description: 

At Office Nomads we’ve got space, and we’re looking for cool, passionate independent workers to fill it.

We provide:

  • Desks with plenty of space to lay out your work. If you’re a daily drop in, you’ll just grab an empty desk…but as a monthly member you can claim your own little piece of Office Nomads and leave as much or as little of your work stuff here as you need.
  • High-speed internet access. We’ve got wireless throughout the whole space, but if you need a little more “umph” you can plug right in via Ethernet.
  • Conference rooms. Need to hold a meeting or just need a quiet place for a phone call? We’ve got 3 fully decked out conference rooms members can reserve at no additional charge.
  • A Full Kitchen where you can store your sandwich, your ice cream or your beer.
  • Comfy desk chairs. Or, if you prefer, big inflatable exercise balls.
  • The Office Nomads water cooler. Because hydration is important. And because you need somewhere to have those deep Monday morning conversations.
  • Unlimited network printing and fax at no additional charge. We’ve seen other office spaces charge by the minute or by the page. We don’t roll that way. As long as you’re reasonable you can print or fax all you want at no additional charge.
  • Ridiculously cozy couches for lounging, brainstorming or (and this is popular around here) napping.
  • A community of really cool people who are doing really cool things… People like Ryan Salva of Capitol Media, Ron Theis of Ridiculous Software, and Charles Redell to name a few…
  • A dog-friendly atmosphere (as long as your dog is friendly too). Cortez and Stella, the two dogs who currently make ON their daytime home have been a big hit. If you’ve got a Best Friend you can’t stand to leave at home all day, don’t worry. As long as your pooch can hang well with others we’re happy to have him (or her, as the case may be).
  • A dead simple simple pricing structure that encourages you to use the space…and that actually makes sense. At ON we keep our pricing as simple as humanly possible. And it’s not because we’re bad at math (we’re actually very good at math). It’s because we want you to enjoy your time here, use the space and not worry about getting nickel and dimed every time you do something. Just pay your daily or monthly fee and you’re done.

And a whole lot more.  You should come down to 1617 Boylston Ave. in Capitol Hill and join us for a day to see what we’re all about.


<p>1617 Boylston Ave, Second Floor, Seattle, WA 98122 - (206) 323-6500 - <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p>

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