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StreetSafe Boston

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Demonstrating a new level of multifaceted collaboration to stem youth violence

StreetSafe Boston is taking a new multifaceted approach to addressing the problem of youth violence.   It is combining the efforts of established social service agencies with teams of highly trained street workers who will seek out and engage at-risk youth.  The task force of street workers will help the youth to make safer choices and access the public and private resources they need, while the network of social service agencies will expand their hours of operation to meet the challenge.  Approximately 2000 youth, aged 16 to 24, in five Boston neighborhoods are targeted for the program.  A coalition of agencies and funding partners give the StreetSafe Program it's breadth and street credibility:

* Youth engagement street works will be managed by the Boston TenPoint Coalition, which is an ecumenical group of clergy and lay leaders working to address issues affecting Black and Latino youth.

* Funding for the expanded social service operations is made possible by a partnership lead by The Boston Foundation. 

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The StreetSafe strategy includes two parts.  A total of 25 new street workers will be trained and deployed in the five neighborhoods to seek out and engage with approximately 1,600-2,200 young people aged 16 to 24 deemed most at risk for committing violent offenses. At the same time, clusters of social service organizations already rooted in the neighborhoods will expand their hours and options to provide a broad array of services to local at-risk youth, including job training.

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Street Safe Boston
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