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Surgical Safety Checklist

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Simple Verbal Checklist Reduces complications in hospitals worldwide

A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that the pre-surgery safety checklist developed by the World Health Organization is significantly effective in reducing complications, including death, during surgery.  The study utilized data from hospitals in eight different countries and the strength of the results have led hundreds of health organizations and societies to push for rapid and widespread implementation.  According to the WHO, every year 7 million patients suffer complications following surgery, half of which are likely to be preventable.  Before now, many operating rooms used safety checklists, but there was a lack of consistency and quality in the practice.

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The Checklist involves the coordination of the operating team – the surgeons, anesthesia providers, and nurses – to discuss key safety checks prior to specific phases of perioperative care: a “Sign In” prior to induction of anesthesia, a “Time Out” prior to skin incision, and a “Sign Out” before the team leaves the operating room. Many of the checks are already routine in some institutions, but surprisingly, few operating teams accomplish them all consistently, even in the most advanced settings. We hope to show improvements in both the process and the outcome of care using our pilot sites to evaluate the Checklist.


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