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A Twist to the Future

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The city of Malmo's "Turning Torso" is the flagship residential tower in one of the world's most ecological urban districts

The Turning Torso residential tower in the Swedish city of Malmo is itself a marvel of engineering; but perhaps most significantly, it is the stunning beacon of one of the most ecological cities in the world.  Malmo is Sweden's third largest city.  It's west harbor district, once a prominent center for ship building, has now transformed into EkoStaten, or "ecological city", and is a model for urban sustainability on an unpresidented scale.  In addition to containing the Turning Torso, the EkoStaten neighborhood is home to 1000 dwellings that are supplied with 100% locally produced sustainable power.  A vast array of solar cells and wind turbines provide all the electricity for the entire district.  The Turning Torso itself, which at 54 floors is the tallest building in Scandinavia, connects all the residential units to a biogas facility where organic waste is recycled for fuel.

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