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Holistic Management Reading & Video Resources

A list of articles and videos that discuss Holistic Management and / or Allan Savory.

McKibben Tweets Savory Event

Allan Savory at Tufts University, Jan 25, 2013

Reversing Global Warming while Meeting Human Needs: An Urgently Needed Land-Based Option. CIERP’s Agriculture, Forests, and Biodiversity Program
with the Friedman School’s Agriculture, Food, and Environment Program and Planet-TECH Associates present.

Prince Charles Endorses Allan Savory

Prince Charles comments on Allan Savory and his integrated approach to ranching and farming, and the role ruminants for the health of grasslands. Segment from speech given by the Prince to the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Full video clip is here,

Worldwatch Nourishing Planet Interview with Seth Itzkan - Published

Here's the published version of the Worldwatch Nourishing The Planet interview with Seth Itzkan. Please see the Worldwatch site to comment.

Worldwatch Nourishing Planet Interview - Extended

Here's the full written response by Seth Itzkan to the Worldwatch Nourishing The Planet Interview questions. An edited version appeared on the Worldwatch blog.

The Interconnectedness of Nature: Truffles in the United States and Australia

In analyses of land management practices, people often focus on what we see above the ground as a sign of the health of the land. However, as scientists are discovering, and as I am coming to understand more and more in my research, what is below the ground is often just as important.

Megafauna and Changing Grasslands in Australia

Increasing evidence is showing that the extinction of megafauna causes major changes to grasslands in Australia. Megafauna once played an essential role in the health and survival of grasslands.

Exploring Australian Climate and Climate Change

Australia is known, and not unfairly so, for its harsh and unforgiving environment. Eighty percent of the land in Australia receives less than 600 millimeters of rainfall each year. How is climate change affecting this already dry and harsh land?

Buckminster Fuller Challenge Award Ceremony in Zimbabwe

The Buckminster Fuller Challenge Award has made possible the construction of new herder houses at the Africa Center for Holistic Management in Zimbabwe.