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ETI BioInformatics - World Biodiversity Database

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ETI Bioinformatics has created The World Biodiversity Database, the first data collection effort of its kind with the goal of creating, maintaining and growing a detailed taxonomic database of the world’s species and organisms. The 21 species banks are accessible through the WBD and offer taxonomic information, species names, synonyms, descriptions, illustrations and literature references, as well as online identification keys and interactive geographical information systems. The WBD currently includes 25493 unique taxa, plus 4149 synonyms.


Holistic Management - Sequestering Carbon While Restoring Grasslands

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By looking at the environment as a series of interconnected systems, Holistic Management is changing how we think about soil, climate and carbon mitigation through grasslands restoration. Using low tech and ecologically viable methods, tens of millions of acres of degraded soils around the world are being restored to healthy, biodiverse ecosystems by modifying grazing patterns on fragile land. By accessing degraded lands for selective livestock grazing, Holistic Management is also helping to sequester carbon, hold water, and create sustainable economies for local farmers.

Medford Wind Turbine Project - Big Savings and Education With Wind Power

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Using wind power to help power the McGlynn School in Medford and provide and educational example of sustainability for students, the Medford Wind project is part of one of the largest  wind energy proliferation and education campaigns in the United States(

The Medford turbine provides 170 megawatts-hours, or about 10 percent of the power for the McGlynn School, saving about $25,000 each year in electricity bills and offsetting approximately 133 tons (266,000 pounds) of greenhouse gas emissions ennually.

Ze-Gen - Cleaner trash-to-energy solutions

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Using large amounts of organic based waste, primarily landfill-bound waste wood from commercial construction sites, Ze-Gen has developed a closed loop, single step gasification system that turns carbon based wastes into synthetic gas products, or syngas. This syngas is a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas, easily converted to diesel fuel. Syngas is an ideal, cleaner burning replacement for fossil fuels in conventional combined heat & power units and power generation systems.

Aeronautica Windpower- Refurbishes Commercial and Industrial Wind Turbines in Massachusetts

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To keep entry price points of wind power lower for local businesses and consumers in Massachusetts, Aeronautica Windpower builds and refurbishes new and used mid-scale commercial and industrial wind turbines ranging from 65 to 750 kilowatts. The manufacturing and marketing company even plans to power their production plant with their very own wind turbines. Aeronatica hopes to increase Massachusetts' output of renewable energy ultimately helping to combat relatively high energy costs.

GreenFuel Technologies Corporation - Profitable Carbon Management Through Algae

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Using live, organic and clean techniques, GreenFuel's high yield algae farms recycle carbon dioxide from coal flue gases to produce biofuels and animal feed, turning waste into profit and reducing next carbon dioxide output. Harvesting algae for biofuels enhances domestic fuel production while using a closed loop system to mitigate CO2 and other pollutants from coal burning plants.

ENERCON GmbH - The World's Largest Wind Turbine Produces 7+ Megawatts

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The world’s largest wind turbine is now the Enercon E-126. This turbine has a rotor diameter of 126 meters (413 feet). The E-126 is a more sophisticated version of the E-112, formerly the world’s largest wind turbine and rated at 6 megawatts. This new turbine is officially rated at 6 megawatts too, but will most likely produce 7+ megawatts (or 20 million kilowatt hours per year). That’s enough to power about 5,000 households of four in Europe. A quick US calculation would be 938 kwh per home per month, enough 1776 American homes on one wind turbine.

Ivanpah Solar Power Complex - Largest U.S. Solar Array

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Using the intense, year round sun of the Mojave desert, Brightsource Energy has developed the largest solar array in the United States. The Ivanpah Solar Power Complex will be located in Ivanpah, approximately 50 miles northwest of Needles, California, and about five miles from the California-Nevada border. The complex will be a 5-square mile facility (3900 acres) within the 25,000-square mile Mojave Desert and will generate enough electricity to power 140,000 homes and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by more than 500,000 tons per year.

Smartgrid Pilot in Worcester, Massachusetts

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In an effort to alleviate the alarming energy infrastructure problems plaguing much of the United States, National Grid and the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities plan to develop New England's first and largest "smart-grid" in Worcester, MA.  The initial pilot project will serve approximately 15,000 customers, leading Worcester's energy infrastructure closer to:

* Optimum energy transfer efficiency

* Less centralized dependence on operations and power sources

World's Largest Solar Tower Plant - 300 Megawatt Solar Tower Plant in Seville, Spain

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Using a field of heliostats that track the sun on 2 axes and reflect solar radiation toward a central tower, the Abergoa solar tower system is the largest solar tower array in the world producing over 300 Megawatts, powering more than 10,000 homes.